DPC Contractors, Inc. began in 1937 as Pickering Electric Company providing electrical construction services to local businesses in the Marietta – Parkersburg area. In 1989, we reorganized and incorporated as Davis Pickering and Co, Inc. in order to expand and grow our construction services and capabilities. During that time, we have worked tirelessly to transform from a company to an organization capable of successfully delivering large, multi-faceted projects for organizations listed in the top 200 global manufacturers. In an effort to achieve those goals we have expanded our skillset from a focused Electrical contractor to a solutions-based organization able to self-perform not only Electrical Services but also General Construction in both the Industrial and Commercial sectors, as well as process and utility pipe-fabrication facilities at our shop in Tuppers Plains Ohio. This has allowed us to proudly become DPC Contractors, Inc.

Our proven track record of delivering value to our partners has made us the premier provider in the region. Partnering with industry-leading companies and suppliers, DPC strives to make your project and operations move forward without interruption. This has been paramount to our client’s satisfaction and contributed to our sustained growth.

DPC is dedicated to providing expert training and highly experienced workers, impeccable performance, and solutions while consistently delivering results on time and within budget. DPC has also created a culture that compels our employees to work safely, as well as smarter through better planning, training, and craft leadership. DPC’s ability to provide multi-craft fabrication and construction services has proven to help mitigate risk and minimize our client’s downtime during outages and repairs.

DPC’s management team has decades of diverse experience and supports the most skilled, creative, and energetic group of construction professionals in the region. DPC will continue to be committed to proactive planning, superior production, and providing our clients with valuable results. DPC’s success has been based on strong employee relationships, technical expertise, and a culture of dedication.

DPC has grown due to our emphasis on quality, customer satisfaction, and safety for our employees, those of our clients and other contractors, and the public. DPC supports project quality and customer satisfaction with well-trained Project Managers and by using state of the art project management tools. All of these efforts and rich history in the Industrial and Commercial markets allow us to provide what we here at DPC believe we are all striving for, a safely delivered, high-quality, and predictable project!


The SafeByChoice program at DPC integrates safe work practices and behaviors into all aspects of our project development and implementation. DPC employs well-trained union craftsmen, many who have been working for our organization for 15 to 20 years.

Through the leadership of our Project Managers and Foremen, we are able to smoothly integrate our work with other contractors on the project site in order to control the project delivery to provide our project deliverables in accordance with the project schedule and budget.