DPC is committed to the development and implementation of our Quality Control Process. Daily, DPC’s committed staff executes project work in a controlled manner per our QA/QC program. Through analysis, discussion, and a true teaming effort we strive to execute as promised and provide the information and tools to our clients they need to operate their facility in the capacity they expected. Through quality construction process’, proper close out documentation and testing and start-up and commissioning accuracy we strive to ensure complete compliance to project plans. This ensures what we are all striving for, a successful outcome and functional facility!

At DPC we fully understand that one of the most important pillars of the project delivery process is quality. It is our commitment that we provide quality construction throughout all projects that not only meets, but exceed the expectations and requirements of our clients.

Management at all levels continually reinforces this commitment through communicating openly with employees about the importance of meeting all of DPC’s Clients’ requirements. To ensure continuous improvement we share quality shorts, best practices, & non-compliance reports throughout the company and most importantly, modify our programs from that feedback!

Quality Mission:

  • To deliver our customers the standards of quality specified in the contract
  • To maintain a culture of quality within the company
  • To provide the resources necessary to deliver the required level of quality
  • To ensure that our sub-contractors, suppliers, and everyone involved in our projects meet and abide by our required quality standards
  • To ensure our employees are always educated with the most advanced quality assurance training available
  • To continually improve, review and implement quality control and best practices
  • To seek feedback from our customers as to the level of quality delivered