“SafeByChoice” is the basis of our safety culture. It is the understanding amongst us that we must make the choice to work safely. We employ great and caring people that understand it is our responsibility to ensure that each and everyone around us, return home safely day in and day out.

At DPC Contractors, Inc., safety is established as a value rather than a priority. This commitment assures our community, employees, and our customers that safety is built into our culture; not something we do to merely comply with regulations.

We are striving to achieve and maintain the LWIR and EMR indicators at “0.00” and nothing less will satisfy us.

DPC personnel utilize the “SafebyChoice” program to implement motivational and behavioral programs within the organization designed to continually identify new opportunities to increase safety awareness and raise the bar of our safety performance.

Our Project Site Leadership completes site inspections and Job Hazard Analyses in accordance with our internally developed JHA and safe work processes.

DPC Safety Processes:

  • Foremen Driven
  • Craft Buy-in
  • Superintendent end of shift meetings
  • Site-Specific plan, JSA’s & JHA’s
  • Milestones and Celebrations
  • DPC Lessons Learned
  • New hire orientation/set expectation
  • Morning Huddles
  • Safe by Choice
  • Behavioral based audits
  • NFPA 70E
  • Job Hazard Analysis